Do you ever feel like the world passes you by without a second glance?
You offer a quick smile for the sake of your peers so they don’t have to put in an effort to worry,
your friendship is easy and maintainable.
Like a warm sunny day.

The darkness and gloom weighs down upon you, but you carry on.
It’s no longer manages to keep you locked up at home,
or maybe you don’t have that luxury.
But besides it all you try to keep a routine. You try and shake it off.
Is this cloud of despair visible to those around you?
Do they notice?
Do they care?

When your head’s in the clouds,
it’s important to keep your feet on the ground.

When your head is in a dark place,
your feet can feel every little pebble as a boulder and any twig as a sword.

Any gust of minor inconvenience can quickly shift into a category 5 thunderstorm.
But there is no shelter to be found in this sudden disaster,
you can only hold on tight and hope you make it out to see another day…
if you only cared enough for the next dark gloomy day